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An overview of showcases how we've helped others tell to their story over the years. Feel free to reach out if you have a project that belongs in this list too.
What they say
Because of company policy we don't endorse individuals online. The fact that you were hired by The New York Times should suffice!
Pat managed to capture our dreamy and elusive theater character into an online environment. With attention for each step in the process, he always sought for connection with our ambitions. The result is a perfectly fitting extension of our identity.
We needed to be asked the right questions in order to get rid of all the bullshit first. Pat’s brand discovery session gave us valuable insights that exposed the real drive behind our ideas.
From a perfectly fitting brand identity to our high-end and easy to maintain website, Pat is able to think along with us and our business ambitions. From when we just started till our current international enterprise with over 150 employees.